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The Official Motorcycle and Scooter Tagged Equipment Registration Security Scheme

Recognising the effect that motorcycle crime is having on the motorcycle community, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), has launched an official security marking scheme called The MASTER* Security Scheme to be utilised by its motorcycle members.

Launch of the Master Security Scheme outside New Scotland Yard

Figures from the MCI show an estimated 43% of all insurance total loss payouts are due to theft and added to this the figures from the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group suggest that 40% of victims of motorcycle theft leave the motorcycle community.

Figures from the MCI show an estimated 43% of all insurance total loss payouts are due to theft and added to this the figures from the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group suggest that 40% of victims of motorcycle theft leave the motorcycle community.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCI said 'Theft is and has been a great concern for the industry and we need to do all we can to help combat it. Security marking of bikes has been proven to be effective in both reducing theft and aiding recovery, and we are confident that by launching this scheme we not only promote standardisation across the industry but also start a long term reduction in motorcycle crime as the parc of motorcycles marked by the MASTER Security Scheme grows over the coming years.' He went on to say 'As modern machines become more valuable their appeal to criminals increases - we all therefore, need to do more to ensure we don't fall victim as an industry or individual'.

Kevin Howells, Datatag Managing Director said 'It is a great honour to have been chosen as the industry's preferred supplier and clearly shows that our package of unique layered security and secure call centre and database is recognised as the most effective in the industry. We look forward to seeing crime reduced as a result of this innovative all-industry initiative which will keep more bikers on the roads.'

Some 26,000 machines were stolen in the UK in 2009, and due to the methods employed by professional criminals only a small percentage are ever recovered. London, hit hardest by motorcycle crime, sees more than 35 machines taken each day from its streets, with often more stolen than are sold new on a daily basis.

D. C. Ian Elliott, from the Metropolitan Police Stolen Vehicle Division said 'We've long known that security marking is one of the most effective theft deterrents. This move by the motorcycle industry to put in place a standard national security scheme will help reduce crime enormously, particularly here in the capital, as thieves will simply avoid these marked machines.'

The scheme will only be available to participating manufacturer members of the MCI so that they can offer new motorcycles and scooters , marked, tagged, registered and recorded by the MASTER Security Scheme providing peace of mind for customers.

Early adopting members of the scheme are Honda, Triumph, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and Yamaha all of whom will introduce the MASTER Security Scheme progressively to their ranges over the coming months.

Adrian Roderick, General Manager of BMW Motorrad said 'BMW are pleased to offer this added benefit to our customers. The MASTER Security Scheme will not only help reduce theft but send a clear message to all bikers that they should consider whether they have provided enough protection for their machines.'

The MASTER Security Scheme was launched yesterday at New Scotland Yard with the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Craig Mackey and Lord Henley, the Crime Prevention Minister.

Lord Henley, Home Office Minister for Crime Prevention and Anti-Social Behaviour Reduction, said 'I would like to thank the UK Motorcycle Industry Association and the police for working together to develop this innovative marking scheme, which I hope will play an important role in preventing and reducing motorcycle theft'.

Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service Craig Mackey QPM say, 'The Master scheme is an excellent example of how the Police working with the industry and the motorcycling community can help to reduce crime. Manufacturers who protect their bikes with this security marking will be protecting their riders and in turn making it harder for the criminals to operate in this sector. The Metropolitan Police Service are very proud of being engaged in this Partnership and are determined to drive down motorcycle crime.'

*MASTER - Motorcycle and Scooter Tagged Equipment Register

Supporting Information: Theft

  • Nearly 26,000 powered two wheelers were stolen in 2009.
  • Motorcycles are nearly 4 times more likely to be stolen than cars.
  • Recovery rates for Supersport bikes in 2008 were only just over 18% (against the average of over 41% for all bikes, or nearly 80% for cars) reflecting the trend towards breaking these types of machines for parts and rebuilds rather than selling them whole.

Supporting Information: MASTER Security Scheme

  • The MASTER Security Scheme system has Home Office and Police CPI accreditation under the Secured by Design scheme and complies with several other quality accreditations including ISO and LPS (Loss Protection Standards) for their secure database.
  • MCI manufacturer members are able to choose to participate in this scheme. The MASTER scheme is not mandatory but the extent of the scheme, even at the outset, is believed to exceed any other equivalent programme.
  • MCI will be the primary contract holder, MCI members will deal directly with Datatag for the supply of the MASTER Security Scheme components.
  • There are no annual fees when fitting the MASTER Security Scheme.
  • When a MASTER Security Scheme marked motorcycle is ultimately sold on the Scheme registration can be transferred to the new owner. (A small admin fee applies to transfer requests).
  • Information is stored on Datatag's secure database - accessible 24/7 and which is both Home Office and Police CPI Police Secure accredited.

Supporting Information: Datatag

  • Datatag offer aftermarket security marking kits for all machines with specific scooter and motorcycle kits available to all second hand machine buyers .
  • Many insurers give discounts of between 5%-20% off an annual premium.

Supporting Information: MCI

  • The MCI represents 120 members; around 90% of the supply side of the motorcycle industry.
  • The Motorcycle industry is worth £7.2 billion a year and employs 62,000 people.
  • The MCI has been representing the motorcycling industry for over 100 years.