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Benefits To Insurers

Police CPI & Home Office Approved.

The Official MASTER Security Scheme is the ONLY Official Police CPI and Home Office supported motorcycle & scooter registration scheme in the UK. The MASTER Security Scheme was designed by Specialist Vehicle Crime Police Officers working in partnership with the motorcycle industry to provide Police and Law Enforcement on the street with an easy, simple and effective way to correctly identify all types of motorcycles and scooters at any time - night or day. One of the key criteria of the Scheme was that the MASTER Scheme database operates on secure systems to the same level as both the Police and Home Office systems.

24/7 Access to database allow verification and provenance.

The primary aim of the Official MASTER Security Scheme is to provide an easy way of identifying motorcycles and scooters or even their parts. The MASTER Scheme registration database and call centre is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide real time support to Police and Law Enforcement who can often make enquiries at roadside or at other events about suspicious vehicles and property. Regularly Officers can be working under difficult circumstances and sometimes, they may even have apprehended the suspect/s who may have stolen the vehicle, property and or parts. Motorcycles and scooters can be checked instantly and the ownership or the correct registered keeper of a motorcycle or scooter can be determined quickly.

Insurance approved.

The MASTER Security Scheme has been successfully tested and approved by the British Insurance security system test house -Thatcham and many of the major UK Insurers are beginning to insist on MASTER Scheme fitment. Insurance Premium discounts can be obtained by having the MASTER Scheme fitted to your motorcycle or scooter providing added value and yearly savings.

Reduced risk of theft protects motorcycle owners.

It has been proven that by having developments such as the MASTER Scheme and Datatag technology fitted to motorcycles and scooters it can help to reduce the risk of having your vehicle stolen. Thieves do not like risking themselves unnecessarily and would rather steal an unmarked vehicle rather than one protected by initiatives such as this recognised & Police supported Official MASTER Security Scheme providing Peace of Mind for UK riders.

The key benefits of MASTER Scheme are:
  1. MASTER Scheme is widely supported in the motorcycle industry and adopted by many leading manufacturers, trade organisations and the police
  2. MASTER Scheme is the only official Motorcycle Industry - and Police CPI supported - security and registration scheme for motorcycles and scooters
  3. MASTER Scheme provides lifetime protection, for a motorcycle or scooter, with no subscriptions or annual fees
  4. MASTER Scheme powered by Datatag is a powerful deterrent against theft and an invaluable aid in recovery
  5. The MASTER Scheme & systems like the Datatag technology are proven to work as a powerful deterrent, with approximately machines being 6 times more likely to be recovered if stolen and 4 times less likely to be stolen in the first place* (*MCI Report - "The effectiveness of after market marking systems")
  6. MASTER Scheme registrations can qualify for insurance premium discounts.
  7. MASTER Scheme uses Datatag hi tech security markings to give each motorcycle a unique ‘fingerprint' which is virtually impossible to remove
  8. MASTER Scheme helps the police by providing a means of positively identifying a motorcycle and by providing information in conjunction with the police national computer 24/7
  9. MASTER Scheme helps reduce costs for motorcycle owners, insurance providers, dealers and finance companies
Q & A
  1. What exactly is MASTER Scheme?
  2. MASTER Scheme is a motorcyle registration and security scheme using Datatag hi tech security markings that acts as a powerful deterrent to theft and an invaluable aid in recovery, in the event of theft.

  3. Does it work?
  4. Yes. Reports suggest that a Motorcycle or Scooter without something like the MASTER Scheme & Datatag technology is approximately 4 times more likely to be stolen than a non registered and protected motorcycle or scooter. Plus, the recovery rate for unregistered motorcycles is as low as 5%.

  5. Who supports MASTER Scheme?
  6. MASTER Scheme powered by Datatag has wide industry support, in the motorcycle market, from official bodies including the Home Office and Police CPI, leading manufacturers, the insurance and finance industries. The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) actively promotes the adoption of MASTER Scheme.

  7. How is my motorcycle protected?
  8. MASTER Scheme registered motorcycles are fitted with a sophisticated Datatag multi-layered security system that gives each motorcycle its own unique ‘fingerprint', that is impossible for thieves to remove.

    Datatag security is made up of 4 elements, both visible to act as a deterrent and covert to aid identification and recovery. Firstly, a number of tamper proof registration plates are securely fitted to the motorcycle's chassis. Secondly, a number of Datatag RFID transponders, each the size of a grain of rice, are hidden in the motorcycle each with its own unique programmed code. Thirdly, there are microscopic Datatag Datadots® which are barely visible to the eye. And finally "Stealth" UV Etching comprises a unique alpha numeric code and Datatag's 24/7 contact details are permanently etched into the panels and fairings. These etchings do not deface or interfere with the appearance or aesthetics of the Motorcycle and are visible under UV lighting.

    It's virtually impossible for thieves to remove all the tell tail identification traces from a MASTER Scheme registered motorcycle.

  9. What type of vehicles can MASTER Scheme be fitted to?
  10. MASTER Scheme can be fitted to all types of motorcycles and scooters.

  11. Which manufacturers fit MASTER Scheme?
  12. Many leading motorcycle manufacturers fit MASTER Scheme powered by Datatag as standard on the motorcycles they supply into the UK and Republic of Ireland. Further information can be found on the latest news section.

  13. Can MASTER Scheme be fitted to existing motorcycles?
  14. No. MASTER Scheme is only fitted to new officially imported UK motorcycles and scooters. However, you can purchase a Datatag Motorcycle or Scooter System to Protect and Register a used vehicle from hundreds of UK Motorcycle & Scooter dealers - please see the dealer locator section.

  15. Who can fit MASTER Scheme?
  16. Only approved suppliers can fit MASTER Scheme including manufacturers and their approved dealers, which have been approved to fit MASTER Scheme powered by Datatag.

  17. How much does MASTER Scheme cost?
  18. The MASTER Security System is fitted and protects your new motorcycles and scooters usually by manufactures at no extra cost. If you would like to protect a used machine then Datatag provide an after market system with a RSP of £89.00 plus, you may have to pay the dealer to install the system if you do not decide to fit the system yourself.

  19. Do insurance companies give insurance premium discounts?
  20. Yes. MASTER Scheme powered by Datatag is supported by many leading Insurers and discounts are available to the registered keeper.

  21. If my MASTER Scheme registered motorcycle is stolen what should I do?
  22. You should immediately notify the local police and obtain a ‘crime reference number'. However, you should also contact MASTER Scheme. Once you have submitted the details MASTER Scheme will immediately flag the motorcycle as being stolen. Alternatively and for ease there is also a secure 24/7 call centre (Tel 03450 700 450) and database open to motorcycle owners and the police to provide assistance.

  23. How do the police determine the true identity of a MASTER Scheme registered motorcycle?
  24. If the unique tamper evident registration plate is intact, the police can get all the relevant details from Datatag, just like for a car or van, from the PNC at any time of the day or night. If the registration plate and manufacturers' plates have been removed the police can use a special Datatag scanners to 'read' the Datatag RFID tags hidden in the motorcycle. MASTER Scheme can give the police all the details they need from the unique number from just one tag. As a back-up there are thousands of unique Datatag Datadots® which can also be used to categorically identify a specific motorcycle or part and finally, the Police can easily identify panels and parts with UV torches or "Black Lights" to locate and identify the unique "Stealth" etching within the panels and fairing's etc.