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Lock It, Tag It - or Lose It

Lock It, Tag It or Lose It

Motorcycle / Scooter enabled crime is on the increase. How can you help us reduce it?

Motorcycle / Scooter theft is on the increase across the country but significantly in the West Midlands as criminals turn to motorcycle, scooters and mopeds as an easy form of free transport. They use them predominantly as getaway vehicles for a variety of muggings and raids. The cost of this criminal activity goes far beyond the loss of the motorcycle / scooter in the first place and not simply in monetary terms. These types of crime often result in long term distress, pain and suffering for victims, many of whom never fully recover from their ordeal.

Motorcycle / Scooter owners can play a big part in reducing this trend by taking extra care not to allow criminals an easy ride and taking simple measures to secure their bike properly - it only takes a few seconds and could save someone from a lot of anguish.

Park in clear bays, cover their bikes, especially use locks and chains to prevent easy removal and consider security marking to further deter theft and aid in identification.

Guide to locking your scooter

Safer Scooter Parking

Safer Parking

Use well lit, high traffic areas in which to park whenever possible and if you can cover your bike to keep it out of sight. Thieves often drive or ride by checking out which bikes are parked up and rarely spend the time to lift covers.

Secure Scooter to Curb Anchor


When available use them to further secure your bike. These have been installed by local authorities to help riders secure their machines and prevent push away crimes - use them whenever possible.

Scooter Disc Lock

Disc Lock

Use a good one and make sure you make it as inaccessible as possible - if you can ensure the key hole is on the inside of the wheel to prevent easy access and also place it on the disc in a location which means attack from hammers is more difficult. Also make sure it’s a Thatcham approved or SoldSecure rated lock.

Scooter Chain Locking


Make sure your lock is not left on the ground but secured out of the way. Breaking a lock which is one the ground is far easier than one off the ground.

Datatag Scooter Marking


Use a Datatag Motorcycle / Scooter Security & Registration System to add a further layer of identification. Identification is often an issue and a Datatag aftermarket system will help the police identify your bike should the need arise.