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Datatag Installation

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ONLY a franchised dealer of a MASTER Scheme supporting brand is allowed to install and register a MASTER Scheme System. If as a customer you are handed a system to fit please refer your dealer to this website or their franchise owner.

The MASTER Scheme systems are fitted FREE by your dealer as part of the pdi process and include all of the following Datatag state of the art technology:

Datatag Primary Visible Tamper Evident Warning Labels

Primary Visible Tamper Evident Warning Labels

These tamper-proof plates are designed to be affixed to a permanent part of the bike - preferably on the right hand side of the frame near the headstock. The Police have all been advised to look for the MASTER label in this location and may be suspicious if not present.

NOTE: This label should not be affixed to body panels, chain guards, swing arms or other easily removed elements of the machine under any circumstances.

Datatag UV Stealth Etching

New UV Stealth Etching

Datatag etchings are only visible under ultra violet or UV lighting - in most cases they cannot be seen in daylight conditions. Because they are ‘invisible’ they should be applied to the outside of all panels on the bike plus the tank and seat unit. They are easily seen using a 365nm UV torch, a common Police spec item.

Datatag Datadots


These Datadots should be applied to all and any parts of the machine not etched eg footrests, levers, clocks, battery etc etc. They are held in a UV traceable silicon glue which can be seen using a normal 365nm UV torch, a common tool used by police.

Datatag Glass Tag Transponder

Glass Tag

These transponders are designed to be hidden within the wiring loom and seat foam of the motorcycle or scooter.

Datatag Tamper Evident Warning and Re-Registration Label

Tamper Evident Warning and Re-Registration Label

Specially designed decals to remind second and subsequent owners to register the machine in their name. This label should be affixed to the motorcycle under the seat.

Datatag Domed Resin Colour Warning Label

Domed Resin Colour Warning Label

A major part of the visible deterrent this label should be instantly visible when looking at the machine either on the front of the bike or the tank.