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Recent analysis of police theft data for new motorcycles, shows a huge difference between machines which are marked with the industry's own MASTER Security Scheme and Datatag technology compared to those which are not. New MASTER protected bikes are six time less likely to be stolen.

Information analysed shows just over 66,000 motorcycles and scooters were registered to the end of July 2017. Of those 63% (42,254) were provided security marking under the MASTER Scheme and only 78 have been reported stolen. Of the remaining 37% (24,169) of motorcycles and scooters not protected by MASTER 285 have been stolen.

These figures show a significant difference in theft rate in which MASTER Scheme protected bikes have a theft rate of just 0.18%, while non-MASTER Scheme protected bikes have a theft rate of 1.17%. This clearly demonstrates the deterrent affect the MASTER Scheme has with MASTER tagged bikes more than six times less likely to be stolen.

Kevin Howells, MD/CEO at Datatag said "These figures clearly demonstrate what we have seen in other markets using our security technologies that thieves simply avoid bikes marked by Datatag. We are proud to have played our part in helping the industry tackle the issue of bike theft and will continue to do all we can."

MASTER (Motorcycle and Scooter Tagged Equipment Registration) is the UK motorcycle industry’s own official scheme launched in 2013 and adopted by the majority of major motorcycle manufacturers. It uses a layered approach to protecting a bike using Datatag technology to mark the motorcycle or scooter’s major component parts providing a unique 'fingerprint'. This approach involves a combination of visible and covert elements including tamper evident warning labels, hidden microscopic Datadots, stealth UV etching and a number of unique RFiD transponders which are embedded into parts.

This combination of marks, along with the high visibility and the unique number on each tag, offers both peace of mind to consumers and help to the police in identifying stolen machines and securing prosecutions. Police have access to the MASTER Scheme secure database through Datatag’s contact centre 24 hours a day.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said "The MASTER Security Scheme represents a significant investment by major brands and these figures confirm that the decision to invest in the official MASTER scheme was the right thing to do."

There are now over 250,000 MASTER protected machines in the UK and this number increases each year.