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Datatag, the technology provider behind the industry's MASTER Security Scheme, is to offer owners a free UV torch* at this years' Motorcycle Live. The move is in response to some customers saying whilst they are aware of the system they are unsure where it has been applied to their bike how it helps protect their machines from theft.

Chris Harrison Sales Director at Datatag said ‘Whilst the master scheme warning label, which should be on the frame near the head stock, and the Datatag domed resin warning are generally clearly visible the much less obvious hidden identifiers are exactly that ... hidden. By giving customers a free torch they will be able to see where the UV etches are on their bike and where the Datadots have been placed as they also show up under UV. In this way they can have confidence that the system is protecting their bike and deterring theft as it should.'

The MASTER System protects bikes using Datatag's unique layered approach to security marking and uses tamper evident warning labels, RFID transponders, UV etching and microscopic Datadots held in a UV trace glue - the Scheme is already having an impact on theft with official police statistics showing protected bikes significantly less likely to be stolen. However in that unlikely event, Datatag technology is also helping Police solve crime with a recent Metropolitan Police Operation successfully recovering 13 machines which had been stripped down by using the covert MASTER Scheme markings to identify the true owners of the bikes and bring about a successful prosecution.

The MASTER Scheme was launched in 2012 and all the major brands including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW and Triumph fit as standard to their range above 125cc. Customers buying a new machine will have a System, worth over £120**, fitted free of charge at PDI by the selling dealer. Owners buying post 2013 second hand bikes which have the system fitted should make sure they re-register their new bike in their name with Datatag to ensure the 24/7 secure police accessed database is up to date.

For more information visit the MASTER Scheme website or drop by the Datatag stand 4B35 , with your log book and proof of identification for your FREE toprch, at this year's Motorcycle Live.

*subject to availability and limited to one per customer

**RRP value of Datatag System plus average fitting charge by dealer