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Ahead of the Isle of Man Classic TT, Datatag and the Merseyside Police conducted a security scanning event at the Steam Packet ferry terminal in Liverpool. This event was part of a series of scanning and security operations undertaken by Datatag, supported by various UK Police Forces, and aimed to raise awareness amongst riders of the issue of theft and how they can avoid falling victim during their week away.

Dave Luscombe of Datatag said "From our and the MASTER Scheme perspective the two days were a great success - lots of positive conversations with riders about MASTER and motorcycle security generally. Raising awareness of what the scheme offers riders is important and encouraging the use of additional security measures, especially when out and about is equally important. It goes without saying that we could not have done it without the support of the Merseyside Police and we are very grateful for their support."

During the two day operation over 1,000 machines were scanned for the Datatag RFID transponder fitted as part of the industry's official MASTER Security Scheme to all new motorcycles in the UK*. Datatag staff advised riders of the other security features they have installed on their machines through the scheme namely; tamper evident warning label, UV etching and Datadots. The team used UV torches to show riders the etching on the panels of their machines and also the glue which holds the thousands of Datadots marking components. They also explained how, when combined, these technologies provide an almost impenetrable and unique identification and one which the criminals cannot easily remove.

Whilst many riders were aware of the MASTER Scheme, the technology behind it was a surprise to some. Darren Wright of Leeds, riding a Honda said "I knew that the industry had a scheme to help protect my bike but I never knew there was so much tech behind it! I can see why it's putting thieves off. The fact that it's all fitted free by my dealer is a bonus."

The MASTER Scheme, the first industry wide security marking scheme, was launched in 2012 with the full support of the major brands in the UK. Since its introduction it has provided, and continues to provide, protection to over 100,000 machines.

Police figures released have consistently shown the deterrent effect of the MASTER Scheme and they are keen to reiterate the invaluable help it provides in both deterring theft initially and also in helping reunite owners with stolen and recovered machines.