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The Industry MASTER Security Scheme, launched in January last year by the Motorcycle Industry Association and supported by the Police and many of the top brands in the UK, recently announced some impressive theft reduction figures that show clearly how effective the Scheme has already become in the fight against theft.

Since its launch over 31,000 new machines have been protected by the Scheme and its' Datatag powered technology. Figures released by the Police show that since this date just 186 registered machines have been reported stolen - an astonishingly low theft rate of just 0.6%. Compared to reported theft figures of non-marked bikes this shows that MASTER protected machines are 4 times less likely to be stolen than those not protected.

Welcome news indeed to UK bikers and more encouragingly in the UK, where many of the top manufacturers have come on board to support customers and fight theft, new models will continue to show impressive resistance to theft. The Datatag technologies are fitted before leaving the showroom so customers are never without protection and many dealers are fitting the scheme to showroom display bikes in an attempt to combat store theft too.

However the issue of theft is not confined to new machines as explained by Chris Harrison Sales Director at Datatag 'These figures are hugely encouraging and show just what can be achieved with an industry wide scheme of this sort using Datatag. We are however, concerned that owners of bikes more than 1 year old, or of a brand not signed up to the MASTER Scheme will be more susceptible to theft as their machines become easier pickings for thieves. It's clear that Datatag technology is an effective deterrent and as such we'd urge all owners to ensure they mark their bikes and help us put an end to bike theft once and for all.'

He went on to say "With so many thefts occurring within the M25 we were surprised to learn through research last year that so many riders are still not using any form of physical security either. We need to encourage a multi-layered approach to combatting theft – 1. physical deterrent through the use of approved locks and chains, 2. Visual/marking deterrent with Datatag to further deter theft and importantly allow positive identification and for those who can afford it 3. a Thatcham approved tracking system. Bikers must take the simple steps to keeping their bike theirs."

The use of Datatag technology including RFiD transponders and stealth UV etching ensures all parts of the machine are protected and forms an impenetrable barrier to thieves who know that a bike protected by Datatag is far more likely to get them arrested than one not. In fact where Datatag has been used in criminal trials not one has been lost by the Police. Further proof that thieves don't like Datatag.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association said 'These figures are very encouraging. As a result of launching the MASTER Scheme and the efforts of member companies to help protect their customers, we have seen a dramatic reduction in the theft rates of protected bikes against non-protected bikes. As the number of bikes protected increases we look forward to a continued drop in theft figures.'

Datatag continue to work with the Industry in a drive to have the Scheme fitted to all new machines. Until then owners of older machines, or those buying a new model from a brand not signed up to the Scheme can still protect themselves by fitting a Datatag Motorcycle Security Kit. With a retail selling price of just £89.99 and available through their local dealers, Datatag offers protection from theft and peace of mind for owners across the UK.

The Official MASTER Security Scheme, powered by Datatag comes with...

  • 'UV' etching technology for 'stealth' permanent marking
  • Unique electronic transponder combination
  • Datadot microscopic identification system
  • Warning decal, designed to complement today's machines

And is both

  • Thatcham TQA approved
  • Secured by Design approved (the Police preferred specification)