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Industry leaders Honda have announced that they have taken the step to protect their customers by signing up to fit the MASTER Security Scheme as standard to all machines from April 1st. The security provided to customers as a result will ease their minds as the MASTER scheme uses state of the art Datatag marking technology and was developed in close collaboration with the Metropolitan Police Stolen Vehicle Division. The benefit of the scheme means that criminals cannot break the bikes down into parts to rebuild and sell on as all parts are readily identifiable and the scheme as a result more than halves the risk of theft.

Theft is a major concern for the Motorcycle industry with over 25,000 machines being stolen each year, with many never recovered. To tackle the problem the Industry recently came together to launch MASTER, the first ever official industry wide security marking scheme.

Backed by major motorcycle manufacturers, the Police and the Home Office, the scheme uses Datatag ID’s proven marking technology in the fight against theft and according to the Metropolitan Police Stolen Vehicle Squad this will have a dramatic effect on theft of new machines, ‘With the launch of the MASTER scheme new bikes are protected before even leaving the showrooms - this is a huge step towards defeating the criminal gangs.’ Commented D.C. Simon Ashton of the Metropolitan Police.

Datatag’s Sales Director Chris Harrison said ‘We are delighted to have Honda sign up to the MASTER scheme. They have a superb range and by using our technology through the MASTER Scheme we are confident that owners will sleep better at night knowing their bikes are secure.

Tom Hobbs, PR Manager for Honda said ‘For Honda, customer service is key, and to show this commitment by fitting MASTER is a natural step for us. Our customers want to use and enjoy their machines without the worry of theft and in this way we can play a significant part in achieving this.

Honda join a growing number of the industry’s top brands who are fighting back against thieves and together with the industry are doing something to end its affect on Britain’s bikers for good.

The MASTER Security Scheme, powered by proven technology from Datatag comes with...

  • ‘UV’ etching technology for ‘invisible permanent marking
  • Invisible forensic DNA marking
  • Unique electronic transponder combination
  • Thatcham TQA approval
  • Secured by Design approval (Police preferred specification)
  • Warning decal, designed to compliment today’s machines

Existing owners of any make can also protect themselves by fitting a Datatag motorcycle security kit. With a retail selling price of just £89.99 and available through their local Honda motorcycle dealers, Datatag’s new stealth UV marking kit offers protection from theft and peace of mind for owners across the UK.

For more information on the Master Security Scheme, go to for more details